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Top 5 marketing new year’s resolutions

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more marketing

All too often new year’s resolutions are all about giving things up. Alcohol, sugar, junk food are all on our hit list, but what about things we would like to add to our routine?

From a business perspective, what can you add to your marketing activity that will make the biggest impact on customers? What can you do MORE of?

MORE sharing of content others can interact with

More than just engaging content, customers are being drawn to content that they can get involved with. We are all familiar with surveys and ranking (who has not read the Best Cities in the UK to live?) so you could consider how this could work for your business. Getting customers to engage in this way is a great method of keeping both existing and prospective customers interested.

MORE video sharing

We know that social media posts with photos get much more engagement than those without, but this year, why not try some video clips? There are lots of clever tools that you can use to make your videos more enticing – even a simple tool such as Boomerang, which takes bursts of photos and stiches them together into a mini video (think 2 or 3 seconds) that plays forward and backward, is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

MORE mobile

Stats show that users spend 69% of their media time on smart phones. (source comScore)

This creates a new perspective on how your marketing messages will be read. Think for example how frustrating it is if you see an advert on your phone whilst commuting and click the phone number to call the business, but it does not automatically bring up the number to call. Would you spend the time manually writing the number to then call? Probably not. All communications need clear, easy and accessible call to action buttons. The key is to keep mobile at the front of your mind when designing all marketing campaigns.

MORE personalisation

If you can find out more about your customers likes, dislikes and behaviour, you have a very powerful information. All too often we are bombarded with marketing messages that are not relevant and therefore those carefully timed, relevant messages are the real sweet-spot of marketing.

MORE measurement

“What gets measured gets done”, Peter Drucker’s famous quote is relevant in our digital age. It is important that all your marketing activity is regularly measured and reviewed. In digital terms there are numerous tools to help track performance but try the Google suite to start – eg Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio.

For social media measurement you can start with the in-house tools such as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights – before you move onto third party applications – such as the popular Klout and Buzz Sumo. The key to success here is regularly reviewing results.

So for 2018, let’s make a resolution to get out there and do more.. More mobile marketing and sharing, more personalisation and measurement of results, and maybe a glass or 2 more of a fruity-red as a reward!

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