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Augmented Reality – A new dawn (and why you should care)

Augmented reality (AR) is about integrating computer generated imagery into photos and
video to create a composite or augmented view. It’s been around for a while. Ages really. Think Pokemon Go. Think Google Glasses. Think adding stickers to photos in Facebook. Think Snapchat. You get the idea…

Seems though that AR’s day has only just come. Why? Well with the launch of their new
ARKit and ARCore Software Development Kits (SDK), Apple and Google have opened up a
hugely exciting new world of AR related opportunities for app developers.

The thing about these new SDKs is that they make it possible for apps to be built that can
seamlessly integrate 3D, to scale computer generated images into the changing view you
see when you look at the world through your mobile phone’s camera.

Confused? Get the new IKEA Place app. No really get it.

IKEA Place app is the Swedish furniture giant’s new AR app for iPhones and Android phones.
Once you’ve downloaded, open it up, point your phone’s camera at the floor and access the
bulging catalogue of IKEA furniture and fittings. Choose some items you like and lo and
behold, you’ll see them superimposed, to scale on the real-world view you see through your

What’s more, as you move your camera around, so do the items. Seamlessly.
Think about this for a moment. Now let your creative juices flow – how might your business use this sort of AR?

Let’s say you sell bathrooms…
How about an app that lets people easily measure up their bathroom, see what new fixtures
and fitting would look like and then order online..?

Let’s say you’re an optician…
Ok. Most phones already have selfie cameras. So how about an app that lets people see
what new frames would look like on them…? Heck, the new iPhone X is even promising to be
able to scan your face and place your avatar into what you see on the phones screen…

We’re talking disruptive technology here. Ignore at your peril….

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