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Why every business needs a brand guidelines

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Brand Guidelines

Business of all shapes and sizes will spend plenty of time and money developing and building a brand. The building of your brand represents real value of your business and yet one simple thing, such as misuse of a logo, misrepresentation or change of font could throw all the good work up in the air.

This is why one of the first things we look to get in place (if it doesn’t already exist) is a brand guidelines, or style guide or toolkit or whatever you want to call it.

So what are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are a document that will help you tie together all the different ways you present your business visually, and help to create your ‘brand identity’ in the process.

And, it’s not just for the marketing or brand team, it’s something to be shared with everyone in the business.

What do I put in it? 

We are not talking about a long lengthy document. It needs to be clear and concise and tell a story. Some of the most important elements to include are:

Logo (and how to use them e.g. on black and white, different sizes)

Fonts (typefaces)


Tone of voice (what message and language do you want to use)

Brand values and ethos

Images / photography

Remind me, why do I need one again?

So, imagine about not ever having to worry again that your brand logo, colours and message and the way you present yourself visually will be consistent, whoever you work with, over and again without you even thinking about it.

By sharing this with your team, you create a sense of ownership, it’s not just the business’ brand its theirs and the same applies to your customers.

Having this in place also means you will also have all your brand assets in one place – this is by far one of the biggest advantages. You know where all your logos and images are because they are in one safe place. It means you never have to spend hours tracking down jobs from suppliers ever again – Gets the thumbs up from us!

Basically, in our experience, without one, consistency becomes impossible.

One more point to make is that these are guidelines, it does not mean you are stuck with rigid rules and its worth bearing in mind that they will evolve as your business does.

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