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Don’t mention the C word

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It’s official, in eight weeks’ time, Christmas will have been and gone for another year. It feels like its all too soon but the season of giving and receiving will be upon us.

Christmas is a bit like Marmite really. Whether you’re a lover or a hater, here’s the McArthur Davies guide for getting Christmas right in your business.

1. Don’t leave buying gifts until the last minute

This is the one thing you can’t afford to do. On average it takes 4-6 weeks to order gifts in, so the process should have been started by now. Even ordering cards can take more than two weeks. If you haven’t started, it needs to be a priority ASAP. We always aim to get it done and dusted by 15th November, trust us, it’s then a big tick off your list.

2. A personal touch goes a long, long way

Don’t ever underestimate that. It might not even be a big gesture but it still counts. One client religiously sends designed Christmas cards to 2000 customers every year. It’s a big investment but the value it has is really high. They receive dozens of thank-yous and comments from customers and suppliers who feel the personal touch really does go a long, long way.

3. Get everyone involved

Taking time out to have a 30 minute brainstorm will not only generate some great ideas but, more importantly, ensures that everyone feels involved. It’s also a good time to discuss time off. Even if you don’t have a company policy around Christmas holidays, people have lots of different time pressures around Christmas so it’s vital everyone feels heard. No matter how big, or small your team. Our advice – get this out of the way early so it’s not hanging over you.

4. Need some inspiration?

Whether that’s for the team night out or for something different to do with clients, Bristol has so many great things to do. Here are a few that take our fancy!

– Eat Christmas with Tara’s Table

Locked in a Room

– Bath on Ice

So even if you’re a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas (I admit, I am!) It’s a time of year when everyone can get involved. A chance to say thank you and give something back.

Let us know how you get on…

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