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If you do just one thing this week…


Make sure you send out an e-newsletter

We love an e-newsletter. The secret to doing them well is a whole other subject, for now we want to talk about why we believe that everyone needs one.

The truth is, if all budgets were slashed and bets completely off and you had the choice of doing one marketing job, and one alone, the newsletter would win out each time.

And it’s not just us that is saying this. While we had a big hunch, we thought we would double check and do my own bit of market research. So in one day alone, we had three different conversations about newsletters, that went along these lines;

“I sent out my first newsletter in a year last month and I had three customers contact me and ask for quotes. I always wish I did it more frequently for that reason.”

“I was walking the dog (also known as the Chairman of the business who writes the newsletter) and someone from a local business came up to me and said “I’ve read his newsletter, he shared some great tips and made me smile, it made my day. Thank you”

“Every time I send out a newsletter I know it puts me in front of people and reminds people I am there. That’s why, if there is one thing I do regularly it’s to send out a newsletter.”

So there we have it. But if you need a little more convincing, here are a couple more reasons that might take you one step further in getting a newsletter out, because this is how powerful a newsletter can be in:

– Creating value

– Improving relationships

– Positioning you as a thought leader

– Generating enquiries or leads

– Giving you data & results – you can see who is engaging with you and not – how amazing is that?

And the best one (perhaps my favourite) once you’ve put the time and effort into a newsletter, you have created a whole suite of content that can be used over and over again.

So that’s more than one job done. 

Now it’s over to you. Happy newsletter writing and please feel free to share your experiences with us by commenting below.

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