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6 Reasons to enter awards

This month we are talking business awards.  Entering awards can be an incredible marketing tool for your business, here’s why. 

“A business award can be a powerful way of differentiating your firm from competitors. Just being shortlisted can improve brand awareness, boost employee motivation and help relationships with customers and suppliers.” David Thorp, director of research and professional development at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

But don’t just take David’s word for it, here are our top six reason why we think you should be putting your business forward for plaudits:

1. Increased credibility for you and your business

If you win a business award, you become an award-winning business that people will want to do business with and buy from. This can lead to an increase in sales, new stockists, new contracts, finding new channels to market and breaking into new markets, all from a credible award.

Use the prize in the promotion of your business on signage, literature and on your website. Being an award winner validates your achievements to your customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and competitors.

2. Your business becomes known to experts

All awards have to be judged. The judges are often leaders in their field, so even if you don’t win, this is great way to make them aware of your work. After all, you do have to out yourself out there to get noticed!

3.  Publicity

These days most awards ceremonies are sponsored or run by local, national or industry media, which inevitably involves coverage and widespread awareness. This publicity means visibility of finalists and winners to customers and potential customers, suppliers, partners and the business community generally is greatly enhanced.

4. Learn more about you and your business:

The process of entering awards is a fantastic way to review your business and reflect on what you have achieved and identify where you need to improve. It can also be a great benchmarking exercise, forcing you to compare yourself to competitors. Theses exercises will help you to tighten up your operation and may well prove to be more valuable than winning an actual award.

5. It’s Free.

The majority of business awards are free to enter, so you can save your budget for attending the ceremony (which is often a great networking opportunity!). Plus, once you’ve written one award entry, you’ll find that you can adapt this for each award you enter. A win-win.

6. Team building

Just entering for an award can give your team a morale boost. It send a message to your staff that their achievements are worth shouting about and that you value them. Employees enjoy working for successful companies – an award may attract new, dynamic staff. It is also a great chance to get networking.

Tempted to enter an award? We have an up-to-date Bristol-based awards table ready to go, full of local and national business events you could attend. If you’d like to take a look, please do feel free to get in touch.

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