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Events, not just an excuse for a party…

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In the digital age, it’s hard not to get swept up with the latest trends, platforms and approaches. But the core principles of marketing remain the same and the customer must always be at the heart of what you do.

So what is the best way to speak to your customer, to position your brand in a competitive marketplace and cut through the noise? Sometimes there is nothing better than having the chance to connect with your customer in person.

If you haven’t tried investing your precious marketing budget in events then perhaps you should give it a go. Or, perhaps you’ve tried lots of different types and are thinking it’s a waste of money not an investment.

Here’s the thing.

Events are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. But only when they have a clear objective or goal. So whether you would like to raise awareness, improve stakeholder or employee relations or grow your market share, there is likely to be an event to help you achieve your goal.

We’ve put together this list of the top five event types to consider.


Want to raise brand awareness of your business and position yourselves as experts in your particular industry or geographic location? Then entering and/or sponsoring awards are an ideal platform to get you and your business noticed. Make sure you leverage any PR opportunities and ask for any accreditations that you can add to your other marketing channels to really make the most of the exposure.


Aiming to grow market share this year? Exhibitions are a great way to get in front of new (and existing) audiences. For exhibitions, preparation is key. As is standing out from the crowd. Make your stand as attractive as possible with plenty of reasons to talk to you and your team and any relevant giveaways. Be prepared to initiate conversations and ALWAYS follow up with contacts in a timely manner. Look to try and get involved even more with speaker slots, hosting break out events etc.

Social events

If improving stakeholder relations is on your list of marketing objectives, then why not invite them to a social event. Traditionally golf is a classic option for building relationships but if they are not golfers, other options include, a quiz, treasure hunt, Zip wire, cake decorating or falconry – have some fun deciding something that will give people a unique experience. 

Team building

If you need to improve internal communications, the start of the process could begin with a team building event. Getting everyone out of their normal working environment, working with other members of the business and having fun! Outdoor activities such as go-karting are popular but if your team prefers something less physical, things like Locked In a Room, could be a great option.

Workshops or seminars

These events are a great way to showcase the core skills and products and services of your business. They are cost effective and can also open up new doors, particularly if you partner with a third party. You can look to host joint information events, or more specific revenue generating workshops so you earn while you connect with new people.

So events are not to be discounted. Spend five minutes to take stock of how you are progressing on your marketing objectives and if they need some attention, consider how events could help.

The world may be digital but your customers are real – it’s time to connect IRL.

Let us know what events are a success for you. We’d love to know!


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