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The McArthur Davies holiday wind-down guide

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Are you ready for sun, sea and sand?

We believe that taking a well-earned holiday is so important for the efficiency of any business. With that said, taking time out shouldn’t affect the running of any business.

As we head into holiday season, we thought it was appropriate to share our top tips on how to make sure you and your team are fully prepared to take some time out.

To keep it simple, follow our rules of the game: work hard, play fair, have fun.

  1. Work hard

Your holiday, and the slack your colleagues need to pick up in your absence, will be so much easier if you plan your workload early.

We recommend that you start a holiday checklist up to two weeks before you leave. Set clear goals for what you need to finish before you depart and take into consideration what’s okay to resume on your return.

Be sure to have a holiday wind-down session with your team a couple of days before you leave. The meeting will help keep your colleagues in the loop, they can ask questions about ‘when and how to do’ things, and they will be fully bought into what needs doing in your absence.

Putting in those extra couple of hours to complete as much as you can and leave things as you would want them makes all the difference.

  1. Play fair 

Make sure you tell everyone who needs to know that you’re going away at least one month before you go. Let them know how long you will be away for and who in the team will be looking after things while you’re away. Clients that are staying at home won’t appreciate it if you leave them in the lurch.

To give your colleagues a fair chance at covering for you whilst you’re gone, make sure they have access to everything they might need. Necessary passwords, usernames and login details should be passed on in a secure way, to avoid leaving them in a difficult situation.

Be sure to tidy up your work environment before you leave out of respect for your work colleagues. There is nothing worse than when one of your team members runs off on holiday and leaves a sour, half-drunk cup of coffee for you to find 6 days later.

  1. Have fun!

We’d definitely recommend turning off your work email and phone whilst you’re away whenever possible. Turn your out of office message on, stating when you’ll be back, if you will have access to emails / voicemails and who they can contact in the case of an emergency.

You need this time to recharge and refocus. We cannot stress the importance of this more. Taking time out, having change of scene and simply having some fun is a winning formula.

Follow our 3 simple rules and both you and your team will have a stress-free vacation.

Happy holidays!

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