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How video smashed it

When the SI Network, a membership and training organisation for therapists practicing sensory integration, told us they were launching an online training course, a first for the organisation, we thought long and hard about how to approach the launch of it.

After all, we loves a challenge! And small budgets and tight timescales are our specialty.

Having looked at the most viable option to help tell the story and generate some interest (and ideally some sign-ups) we decided on video.

The location for the shoot needed to be Belfast, so working closely with a freelance videographer (who we would highly recommend) on the ground, we wrote the storyboard and script, sourced and briefed the team and locations and managed the entire process from the comfort of our desks here in the Innovation Centre.

It was a fun job that ran pretty smoothly, but the proof is in the pudding as they say (they being the client’s operations director, who in fact did say the following).

“We all agreed that video would be the primary promotional tool for us to be able to successfully communicate quite a complicated subject. But it wasn’t just about delivery of the video, it was making sure the message was spot on and of course how to get the video in front of the right people to generate some ROI.”

We’ll, we’re pleased to report that it did.

In just eight weeks the video had over 1000 views and was most engaged piece of media on the Network’s 20,000 follower-strong Facebook page. More importantly, it has helped to generate and convert leads and the course, which is launching in May, saw a 50% increase in sign ups, smashing the initial target.

So don’t doubt it, video can smash it.

McAD’s top tip: Don’t just rely on one video. Make sure you sweat that hard earned content. We made the main promotional video (around 2 mins in length) but then created five 30 sec snippets which could be used to quickly and effectively communicate the main features and benefits of the course. These have had just as much engagement as the main one and give us lots of opportunities to tell people about it via all the other touchpoints including email, social media and member forums.

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