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Picture the scene. You arrive at your desk, open your inbox and have 36 unread messages from the day before and see 2 pieces of post. One is an invoice in a plain white envelope, but the other is a squidgy package that’s been handwritten and clearly personalised to you.

What will capture your attention first?

You get the picture. Direct Marketing (or DM) is powerful.

Still not sure? Here are our top tips for creating an effective DM campaign.

A good contact list

The thought process for a successful DM process should begin with a consideration of who you want to target. Are they existing customers, perhaps those who have bought a specific product or service from you in the last six months, or are they new contacts that you would like to approach. Either way, make sure that you choose a manageable number. To start with you may only contact 10 people but, in our opinion, it’s always better to do a small, personalised, accurate mailer.

A great offer

You need to carefully consider what your message is. The most powerful messages are those that are targeted specifically at your chosen segment. A special offer related to their buying habits with specific text pulling your target in at the right point of the buying process is the sweet spot. Use strong headlines. Be short, concise and punchy. After the headline, the second most read text is a P.s. so make it count and entice the reader to read the entire offer.

A great idea

Lumpy mails (where you send more than a letter) can be a great way to attract attention due to their irregular shape. Try to think of gifts that your recipient will value or relate them back to a particular message. It might be that you tie your message into an appropriate awareness day, the list is endless. We recently saw success from one campaign that involved sending a joke book on Blue Monday, and a heart-shaped chocolate for a Valentine offer. Find one that relates to you and your customers.

A clear call to action

The call to action is the most important information. Would you like your customer to e-mail or phone to redeem their offer, would you like them to book onto an event or set up a meeting with you? Make sure it is clear how you would like your customer to respond – one good trick is also to make it clear that you will be getting in touch soon, this makes it feel more of a two-way process.

A personalised follow up

The success of any campaign always depends on the follow up. Usually a phone call gets best results, and more often than not, you will be asked to e-mail them again with the information. Refer to your mailer in your e-mail and make it easy for them to respond. For example, if you would like an appointment with them, ask them to suggest a date/time that suits them.

So best of luck with your next direct marketing campaign. By following these top tips we hope that you will avoid some of the common pitfalls. Of course, if you would like help with any element of a direct marketing campaign, get in touch. We’d love to show you how, sometimes, the old ways, combined with the latest techniques in personalisation, can be the best ways.

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