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Follow these basic principles for telemarketing success

If you are unsure about the value of telemarketing for your business then this blog might help you to make a decision either way.

The fact is, telemarketing is an incredibly powerful part of a lead generation strategy.

The first myth to dispel is that telemarketing is not the same as cold calling. Don’t be mistaken, it is almost never the first touch point. We are not endorsing picking up the phone cold (that is telesales, which is an altogether different strategy!)

In our view, telemarketing is a bit more sophisticated.

Having embarked on telemarketing as part of our own business development strategies recently, we developed this 4 P’s principle to telemarketing (slightly unintentionally ironic!).

So whether it’s you, a colleague, or a supplier you bring on board that is picking up the phone to make a call as part of your marketing strategy, do consider these points carefully.

  1. Preparation

What is the purpose of the call and what do you want to get from it? This is the crucial first point. I want to find out more information, I want to ask an answer to a specific question, I want to see if someone can help me.

Prepare a script – this saves time and allows you think through all the options to make your call more structured. The main thing about this is to also help you to negotiate or tackle objections.

Make sure you have your CRM or database neatly lined up in order for you to keep a record of the call: what was said? How you could improve next time? What you would do differently on the next call?

  1. Permission

The first thing is to ask for permission to use their time, if not when would be a good time. If they don’t want to talk to you at all, that’s fine too, it’s just good to know either way.

Asking permission gets you off on the right foot.

“Do you have 2 minutes for me to ask you two simple questions?”

This also helps massively with tackling objections raised in the above point, you will rarely get any if you have sought permission first.

“I am aware how busy you are, I would really value 2 minutes of your time, is that ok?”

  1. Persistence

It is key to manage your expectations. I had one great example recently, it took 10 calls before I could even get to speak to the person.

The first touch point had been a card, I made a note to call back 3 times in one day. On the second day I had to call back another 3 times and then the third day another 4 times, before I finally got through and had a conversation that was incredibly helpful.

Persistence pays off.

  1. Phone manner

Take a deep breath before making the call, smile while talking and ideally stand or walk around. This all works for me, I believe it offers a better energy flow in my body language that ultimately is carried through my voice.

Another tip I’ve learnt is to not interrupt and feel like you have to interject, you want them to be the one doing most of the talking after all, and helping them feel comfortable will allow you to have more of a conversation.

There is no need for apologies, the word ‘sorry’ crops up far too much, don’t be apologetic, when you have no reason to be.

Hope these tips help you make a decision, whatever way, enjoy it, it’s all part of the journey and with an open mind you can learn loads.

If you are interested in learning more, we often hosting telemarketing workshops. Just visit our Eventbrite page for more information.

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