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Ten top tips to boost your marketing

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Here are our ten top tips for quick wins to help boost your marketing that involve minimum time and cost. Please feel free to share yours too!



Get targeted.

One of the most common faults we find is people not being targeted enough. Always work out who it is you’re talking to it makes it much easier to do it and gets better results. Trial and error and test. My market is everyone – wrong! Sit down and work out your target from sex, age, location, what they read, eat, hear and see. It will help your marketing be so much more effective.


When was the last time you talked to your customers?

It’s the first thing we look at with new clients and it always astounds me that most people simply do not talk to their customers or clients regularly, outside of the day to day transaction. Here’s three good reasons why you would do it.

Response rate is so much better than a cold lead – 2:1 versus a 5:1 on return.

Referrals from satisfied customers or raving fans are the most cost effective method of generating new leads

And its easier to ask someone you know to do something.

You cannot underestimate the power of talking to your customers, the information they have that they can share with you. So do something today, ask for their feedback, send them an invite, ask for their help… get talking to them.


The power of testimonials.

As above a satisfied customer telling others about your small business is more effective than any fancy ad campaign. Are you getting those testimonials and using them in your marketing? Just asking three customers or suppliers a week for a fresh testimonial will make all the difference.


Be social.

But don’t just push out messages. Ask people to do something… Social media posts engaging / offering something have up to 60% better response rate than just an info post.


Claim your place online to be found in local search.

Apparently 1 in 2 businesses in the UK still don’t have sufficient online placing. And yet search engines are ranking local information much higher. There are over 100billion internet searches on Google alone every month – what does that tell us?

People are researching, mining, uncovering…did you know?

97% of consumers search for businesses online

73% of online activity is related to local content

So have you got your listing sorted? Google Maps, Google Places, online directories. You can use a tool such as which you pay a one off fee and it lists your business location/s on all major search engines. Also remember, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google although interlinked but video still ranks highly for search.


Form a Joint Venture or Strategic Alliance.

Joint ventures are too powerful for small business to ignore. A joint venture will lower your costs, enabling you to enter into new markets and create new distribution opportunities. What can I do better and who can help me.


Get A Piggyback.

Hitching a ride on the marketing of another company with the same target market can save your small business time and money and open new doors very effectively.


What’s your offer?

Research shows that having an offer helps attract more interest. In fact it accounts for 40% of the attraction in an ad or sales promotion (Target is 50% and Copy is 10% for reference). What can you offer your customers there are all sorts…Free Consultation, Free Trial, Introductory specials

Bundle Offer: Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Referral Offer: Refer a friend and receive a  …. Rewards Offer: Earn loyalty points on every purchase

Membership Offer: Join our members club for special offers, competitions

No Risk Offer: Money back guarantee or a ‘no questions’ exchange


Be attractive, don’t chase or be desperate.

Doing business is similar to the dating game. We match ourselves to people we want to work with and we buy from people we like. It’s a good place to start. Who’s heard of the act of attraction? People find this blog ‘attractive’, so they recommend and forward it to their contacts, their colleagues and their friends.  This, in turn, helps me attract more people.  The rule of attraction works so think about how to use that in your business. What’s your model? Ours is referral – law of attraction is brilliant for this.

Beware it only works when you know who you are trying to attract. Think about it…


Remember 7 is the magic number.

In today’s busy world, 7 touch points at any one time. We all have them think about what yours are and make sure each time you send a message out its via these. Someone told me the other day that online its 21 touch points you need… better get busy.

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