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Three basic steps to measure your social media success

So, you have your social media strategy in place, you know who you’re trying to talk to, but you haven’t the foggiest idea if it’s actually doing anything. How do you know you’re not just wasting your time?

Whatever platform you decide for your business, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, it’s important you’re able to measure the value of your work. Without measurement, you have no accountability for the business you generate and you’ve no way of calculating the return on investment (ROI). You might as well pack up and go home.

There is always a place to start. So here are our three basic steps to use so you can start monitoring your social media success…

1. Vanity Metrics: Take a look at yourself

Vanity metrics are all about you. They’re where we tell many of our clients to start as they’re the easiest to measure. They include things like number of page likes, ♡s, comments, shares and re-tweets.

Many social platforms have tools to help you monitor these metrics. They’re all very similar, they just have different names: Facebook and Instagram have Insights, Twitter and LinkedIn have Analytics.

However, you can’t just go with vanity metrics on their own. You need to consider the greater picture. As Aristotle would say “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This takes us onto the next step…

2. Monitor your Google Analytics

Google analytics is your (best) friend. It’s your way of monitoring your website traffic, seeing how much of it is coming from social media and tracking any conversions.

(If you haven’t already got Google Analytics installed on your website and you haven’t got goals or tracking set up inside Google Analytics, then you need to have a word with yourself. This is a whole other topic, so if you haven’t done this it’s probably worth giving us a call.)

To understand the traffic from your social media channels, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channel > Social. By clicking here you can see how much traffic is coming from each social platform to your website.

This will provide valuable information such as the number of visitors (sessions) to your website, the bounce rate and how long people are spending browsing (Avg. Session duration) when directed from each individual platform. With Goals and tracking set up, it will also tell you how many conversions are being made (if any!).

3. Bring all your data together  

To show the value of your work, identify areas of success and for improvement, it’s important to pull all your data together in one place. Collect your Vanity Metrics and Google Analytics on a monthly basis and put them into a simple Excel spreadsheet, or data dashboard as we like to call it.

By analysing your Vanity Metrics month-by-month, you can identify what areas of your social media strategy need improvement and what type of posts are really engaging your customers. Through Google Analytics, you can see which platforms are generating the most traffic to your website and which are the most successful at converting sales.

Once you’ve got a few months of data can look at trends and identify correlative data between the two. Ask yourself questions such as:

– Does more engagement January, correlate with more conversions in February?

– Does your growing number of Facebook likes correlate with more organic visitors?

If you start to monitor and assess this data, you will understand what’s successful and what’s not. You’ll gain and understanding of your target market’s likes and dislikes, stop wasting time on those 0 like posts.

So there we go, just a few of the basics to start you off. We still have a whole other world of things to cover! Fancy finding out a little bit more? Take a look at our Eventbrite page for our up-coming social media workshops or get in touch with the team on 0117 214 0471.

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