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What winning an award means

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Awards are great things. They are great because they give your company external recognition for the hard work and effort that the team is putting into the business day in and out.

So it was really lovely to be with our client  Gregor Heating last night at the Business Leader Awards. They were shortlisted for two awards; Large Business of the Year and Best Marketing Campaign, being one of three finalists is an achievement in itself, but we were really pleased to celebrate with them in winning the Marketing Campaign of the Year award.

In the four years that we have been working with Gregor, its business has grown fantastically (50% year on year). The judges said that the core to the winning campaign was that it was ‘clear and focused and demonstrated results’.

But let’s be clear, the work to achieve this has not been done overnight.

As Gregor’s business has been expanding so has its brand. At the core of this is the development of brand values,  its proposition, key messages and a defined audience. There has been lots of research, talking to customers, staff and other stakeholders that has helped in the process.

Undertaking the research helped us to make more informed decisions where traditionally we might have tried to second guess the customer. The light bulb moment came from a piece of feedback we received; “Gregor would not be happy until I was happy.” We turned this on its head and developed the Gregor Guarantee: “We’re not happy until you’re happy.”

This guarantee formalises the offering and gives the brand a USP.  The Gregor Guarantee is what people buy. It is the complete proposition that allows Gregor to differentiate themselves from the competition and focus on the values of good service that drives our business forward, whatever medium of marketing we use.

This resulted in a five-year business plan and integrated marketing, sales and customer service strategy. This has led to sales growth of 50% and improved margins in the year to July 31st 2015 that has continued. Plus we have worked hard and grown as a team, both with Gregor’s internal team and with other marketing partners.

Summed up nicely in an email sent to the Gregor staff; “We have received first class support from our business partners and everyone should be very proud of this achievement. Everyone has contributed to winning this award, because everyone has contributed to an integrated marketing, sales and customer service strategy and plan. We now have clear line of site between what we want to achieve, how we are going to achieve it and what activity we do on a day to day basis, and this is what we were recognised for.”

Onwards and upwards.

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