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What’s in a brand?

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It’s quite hard to find a good definition of ‘brand’. There are so many different ones being bandied about.

Ok so to start it’s really easy to say what a brand isn’t. Let’s get that clear up front.

A brand isn’t a logo, a symbol, a colour, a catchphrase, a word…

Not in single isolation anyway. It is all of these things, this is the definition I found I like best courtesy of the ACIM;

“A brand is a name, term, symbol, identity or design (or a combination of them), intended to identify the goods and services of a seller and to differentiate them from those of competitors.”

The reality is your brand is your business and all the parts that make up the wider whole. This generally incorporates your values and purpose, your passion, motivation, your skills, your interests, your connections, your tone of voice, the way you connect with people…

So when we talk to our clients about how to promote their business, we are actually talking to them about how they are developing and promoting their brand. Their brand which is the innate sum of all the parts that make up their business; the values, purpose, interests, personality, skills, motivations, ambitions, tone of voice…and so on.

So if you are reading this and still not sure about what your brand is here are five questions to ask yourself to help you develop the process further.

Who is my inspiration and brand hero?

Which brands do I remain loyal to and why?

What is my brand character?

What matters to me in life?

How do I connect with people that you do business with?

And one more tip. It’s worth asking other people these questions to. Why not ask some of your colleagues, friends, family, customers the same questions. They will have the answers if you don’t.

And if you are really struggling why not play the game, Who Am I?

Head over to Alex’s Linked In post to find out what happened when she played it.

Happy branding!

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